Love Notes

Feedback from participants in our storytelling workshop May 2016

It’s not overstating things to say that I found the whole weekend utterly transformational – it’s very hard to put words around that but it felt like on almost a cellular level I reconnected with who I am. I spent 20 minutes sitting in silence on the beach on Monday morning which is not what I do – I am always spinning so many plates that I rule out anything nurturing as something I don’t have time for but I felt a profound (all these words I never use and which sound so cliched!) kind of urgency to be more truly me and to take the time to nurture that. Former PR turned freelance journalist

Thank you again for inviting me to storytelling, it is a phenomenal concept/course and you are amazing for having had the vision and commitment to create it! It is inspiring to see someone doing what they love and doing it so well, well done you. Finance Manager, Financial Services

We both thoroughly enjoyed the Storytelling weekend – which exposed the potential of Y’s right hemisphere! Our highlights:

– the richness, breadth and quality of the preparation, delivery and learning
– the beautiful, comprehensive booklet
– your generous hospitality and delicious grub!
– the other participants
– Y being engaged all the way through

Former digital agency creative turned psychotherapist and her retired QC partner

I echo X’s thanks not only to Vicky and Michael, but to everyone for a brilliant weekend. Consultant, Big 4 accountancy firm

Simply life changing. Business owner

Single Heart Heather