From time to time I run storytelling workshops, please get in touch if you’re interested.


An experiential 2-day workshop for entrepreneurs and business leaders: communicate with impact by using the techniques storytellers have used for centuries to inspire and move their audiences.

May 7/8 2016, Edinburgh

Would you like to connect to your audience, to the source of your power, your potential and what’s possible? Would you like to inspire and persuade others and lead with passion, clarity and presence?

Through the power of storytelling, through being intentional about the stories we tell, we can create the results we want to see in our work and in our lives – the potentiality of our existence is infinite.

Storytelling is a central tenet of leadership. Whether you’re pitching for investment in your fledgling business, seeking buy-in to an idea, defining culture and values or moving others through the story of your own journey, storytelling makes leadership possible. A leader without the ability to tell a great story has lost the platform to inspire to persuade.

We are constantly telling stories – to ourselves, and to one another.   Whether we are conscious of it or not, our stories reveal the source of who we are, how our values were formed, how we arrived at our life’s purpose, how we shifted our life to write a new chapter – how we came to be.

These are stories that influence hearts, not just minds, and create a multiplicity of potential paths.

After attending this workshop you will have:

  • Flexible skills to deliver authentic and inspiring communication with impact.
  • Maximised presence and empowered authority.
  • The ability to shift your audience’s state from curiosity to intrigue to excitement and possibility.
  • Confidence to present with personal conviction, colour and natural enthusiasm.
  • Appreciation of how your stories align with your values.
  • Enhanced sense of potential and possibility.


Core content:

  • How we use language to communicate:
    • How do we experience language, how does it make us feel and what results does it generate for us?
    • How can we use language to generate connection and get the results we want?
    • How do non-verbal cues impact on us and others?
  • How do our patterns of behaviour, emotions and thinking create the life we want?
  • What role does our conscious and unconscious mind play?
  • How does our physiology influence our state and our ability to influence others?
  • What does the latest neuroscience tell us about connecting to others and ourselves?
  • How do inspiring leaders use their stories to connect?


Delegate profile:

Anyone who has to influence and persuade others in a business context, whether as a leader within an organisation or leading their own venture.


The trainers – Vicky Ferrier and Michael Cahill

Michael Cahill worked in the City for 16 years as an equity analyst (10 years in a #1 rated team at UBS Warburg). He’s the author of ‘The Financial Times Guide to Making the Right Investment Decisions’ and has great skill in cutting through complexity and making things accessible.

Since leaving the City his passion has been linking the worlds of coaching and development to business to help improve the quality of decision-making, the working environment and joining these dots to generate greater value.

He’s certified trainer of NLP, a certified NLP coach, a certified Time To Think coach and facilitator and certified in the Barrett Values Centre Cultural Transformation Tool.